Saturday, 5 October 2013

40k Knights of Blood Terminators Revisited

Earlier I had in mind a project to collect and paint a Knights of Blood army and did a test scheme which turned out to be too bright and clean to reflect the dark nature of this chapter.

I redid the test Tactical Marine in a darker scheme similar to the one in the latest Codex and liked the result.

I planned to roll that over to my Terminators and the assault squad I was working on but didn't get around to it as I was distracted with all the other new things coming up.

Well here are the results of my revamp to the Terminators. I didn't repaint the entire model but concentrated on the armour and the shoulder pads.

I like the black armour mix I have created and will definitely continue to work on a solution to my Knights of Blood shoulder pad icon sculpting problem, the crossed swords.

I have an idea in mind!!


  1. Nice! I really like the updated look!

  2. Great stuff. I like the touch of yellow on the termies. A good spot color.