Friday, 18 October 2013

Flames of War Pak40 Ammunition Crates and Shells Press Mold


As it was my intention to base my army on my thin plastic bases I also didn't want to add heavy metal pieces to the bases. The ammunition crates and shells are made of metal in the Open Fire set so the solution was to make a greenstuff press mold and use the cast pieces.

Above you can see the molds and the casts after a bit of cleaning up. Unfortunately the stacked ammo crates didn't come out as well as I expected, maybe because the mold isn't quite right or I didn't push the greenstuff into it well enough.

Either way I hoped that filing the cast to straighten up the edges and a decent paint job would conceal any flaws.

I started to paint everything with a base coat of Scorched Brown, then a 50/50 brown/brass colour mix on the shells.

Next I used a lighter brown on the crates and a brass on the shells.

After everything was dry I gave them a heavy wash with Agrax Brown wash.

Just need to add the details and some highlights.

Next up the finished pieces on the bases.


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