Thursday, 5 December 2013

40k Chaos - Help Me Choose

I bought the Dark Vengeance Box Set awhile ago now and have just got around to deciding what to do with it.

Please can you help me decide by giving me your opinion on which scheme to paint the Chaos side of the set in.

These are the options I like, purely from a painting and modelling aspect.

Alpha Legion

I love this picture! The modelling aspect holds untold promise and the scheme looks cool.

Claws of Lorek


Company of Misery
A favourite, the alternative black flame over red a body, green accent colour could work very well plus some modelling prospects......flames! Unique as well.

Knights of Blood Renegade

Another favourite as it is the antithesis of my loyalist Knights of Blood Army. Painting the blood over black with the new GW technical paint could be a winner. Also unique.


Another favourite, I have just  the right idea on how to paint the armour! Modelling opportunities are endless.

Thousand Sons
Loads of modelling opportunities and the same idea for the Nightlords paint scheme should work here as well.

I like the idea behind these guys, the scheme I would go for is basically the same as my Minotaurs Army, bronze with verdigris. Possible modelling potential, bones etc. Never seen anyone with these guys so unique for sure.

Please let me have your comments on the pros and cons of my ideas.

Thanks guys.



  1. How could Nightlord be a favour paint scheme? They're so ODD! have lightning painted on the armour! Who hell are you a power metal band?!

    Ok, "de gustibus non disputandum est" but scheme like these; Company of Misery, Knight's of blood, Claw of Lorek are difficult to paint. need good freehand capacity and these are drawing on silhouette; put these pattern on minis with different poses could be not effecting at all..

    If you don't have Minotaurs already Reborn will be a good choice, so my vote go for Alphas or Thousand Sons

    Happy painting

  2. With GW's new verdigris, the Reborn would look pretty good i think!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks guys for your suggestions so far, looks like Alpha Legion or Reborn at the moment.

  4. My favorite is Alpha Legion! He looks the coolest!
    Greetings, Sofie

    1. Thanks for the comment and I love the look as well but not sure if it will stand out on these models.

  5. I like the Company of Misery. The burning armor scheme is really cool, and you could probably have some fun with it.

    1. I like the scheme very much myself but not sure if it will be obscured by all the other details.