Monday, 2 December 2013

Making a Tabard from Card - Hobby 101

On my Luna Wolf I wanted to add a Fur Tabard but didn't want to use any Space Wolf bits as it was a perfect opportunity to try out this technique.

You start with a piece of paper card cut roughly to size and shape. I used a piece from an old Business Card which seems perfect. Once you have the correct cut-out, glue it in place with super-glue, allow to dry then go back and add glue to the entire surface area of the card back and front creating a plastic-card type surface (which means making the paper harder so you can work with it).

Once that is nice and dry you can go ahead and add your greenstuff and sculpt your fur pelt. See my Fur Test  post for an idea on how to sculpt fur.

Here is the end result.

Pretty easy to do so don't be scared to try it out.



  1. Cool trick with the card and super glue. A great work around if you don't have plastic card at hand!

  2. Great work - makes you wonder what he is covering up there. What exactly do Space Marines have under their Tabards?