Sunday, 4 May 2014

40k Chaos Hellbrute - The Reborn - Dark Vengeance - WIP

Working on more Dark Vengeance goodies, this time its the awesome Hellbrute!

I started with a grey primer and base layer of black. The armour is done in my tried and trusted method of Tin Bitz or equivalent.

Followed by a drybrush of my custom mix for the armour, slightly more orange than Dwarf Bronze.

Then a heavy wash with my verdigris mix.

Lastly a more controlled drybrush with the armour mix.

More to follow soon, already liking the look of this beast.



  1. I like the effect you are getting with the verdigris mix. Looks quite good. Is there a particular reason you primer in grey, then base in black? Could you save a step by primering in black?

    1. I used a grey primer because I was all out of

    2. Haha! Ok, makes sense. I didn't know if there was some secret technique I didn't know about (making better wear chips for example) by doing grey first :). Thanks for replying!