Saturday, 25 July 2015

40k - Blood Angels Knights of Blood Librarian - Dark Vengeance WIP

Just moved in and unpacked my hobby stuff and carved out a niche but not yet managed to get any hobby done close now.

This I believe is my last model to finish from the Dark Vengeance boxed set and it is a kit bash albeit a small change with only a shoulder pad and sword being replaced in conjunction with filing off all the Dark Angels icons.

I wanted to use my glazing technique to make the armour a metallic blue, rather than the traditional solid colour, from a silver base colour covered with multiple blue glazes. Above you can see the first very thin glaze that has hardly changed the silver. I have also pretty much done most of the work on the layers for the cloth and other elements of the armour.

Here is the next glaze and you can start to see the nice metallic look coming through. Now the tricky part begins because depending on how dark you want the armour to look depends on how thin the glaze needs to be. The other danger is that too much glaze can completely cover the silver underneath and ruin the effect.

I liked the final look although it is a tiny bit to dark in some places.

Next up the final pictures.



  1. Such a great kit bash and you are making it even better with that nice paint job!

    1. Sometimes small changes make the best conversions. This model is already nicely posed so no need to mess with it really. Thanks for the comments.

  2. Glazing is one of my absolute favorite ways to paint. It's very fun and calming I've found. Armor looks fantastic!