Sunday, 6 January 2019

Bolt Action - German Tiger 1 - WIP3

So I have finally managed to get both time and motivation to do some more painting and I can say that it felt so good to put paint to brush after such a long layoff.

I have completed the dry brushing, first pass over with Middlestone and the second with Bleached Bone.

I have also started to paint in the details as you can see with the tracks and tank commander.

Next to complete the deatils and add the washes .



  1. Looking good so far. The only thing I would suggest you look into is that the road wheels currently look 'cleaner' versus the hull/turret. But my suggestion might be moot anyway as you are going to add further details and washes. :)

    1. Thanks for the great support, the road wheels hopefiully may not stand out as so clean whne the tracks have been washed. I purposefully did'nt camouflage the wheels but let ssee how it works out.