Saturday, 3 March 2012

Terrain Focus - 40k Craters - Finished

To finish up our craters all we need to do is add a series of washes and some static grass. What I did was to use a heavy base wash of Devland Mud repeated a second time after the first is dry, but this time concentrating on the crater hole and outer ring to emphasise the crater. Next was a wash of Ogryn Flesh in random areas to create some variation. The debris was washed with Badab Black. Last but not least add some grass and you are all done.

Next post I will show some pictures of the craters with some Marines posed to show scale etc.



  1. They've come out beautifully, old boy!

  2. Great looking terrain you have made Vitor.

  3. Wow, fantastic. I've only seen this post so I'll have to head back and check out the others so I can replicate this. Nicely done.