Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Hobby 101 - Necron Warrior


As part of this hobby post it made sense to paint up a Necron Warrior to show what the base looks like with a miniature on it. I didn't own any Necrons but a mate of mine had a spare one lying around that he kindly gave me for this post, it had the green plastic tube for the weapon missing but no worries, I used the base of a banner pole with the end drilled out to look like the barrel.

I went for the standard GW paint scheme here, starting with a black base coat and a metal finish, with the exception of the weapon which I painted up in an antique bronze look.

Here are some more close ups

I really enjoyed doing something other than Marines and I think a few more posts like these will be making an appearance on my blog.

Hope you enjoyed it.


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