Sunday, 20 January 2013

Dark Angels Chaplain - Conversion - Painted

Here is the finished model of my recent Dark Angels Chaplain conversion based on the awesome artwork of Andrea Uderzo.

I ended up using a different right shoulder pad. I made a 'press mold' of the Dark Vengeance Chaplain shoulder pad with the skull on it and used that instead of the Forge World one shown above.

I also based the model on my 'Urban Base' ( see the labels for the link).

Here are the rest of the pictures.

Hope you like the finished Model.



  1. Theres some good conversion skills at work here. well done mate!

  2. Great kitbash and great finish, love this model, shame the rules mean you'll prob take a cheap Libby instead as your HQ!

    1. Thanks Marcel and Siph. This was done not for playing but just because of the great artwork.

  3. Great execution and representation of that artwork!