Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Flames of War - Stug WIP

I started work on my Open Fire starter Stug's by priming them black after assembly, which had no poor fit issues like the Shermans. I also added some coins to the underside to add some weight to the models, I initially thought there would be enough space inside the models but the fit is pretty tight.

I then had to mix my own custom version of Valejo Middlestone as I had none. I painted my first layer onto the models and thought to myself ^&%$£ idiot yellow over black does not work so well, thinking my painting ABC's don't apply to Flames of War models!! I had to paint on about 3 layers at least to get a decent coverage.

I then washed the entire model with a brown wash to add some shading.

Next was to clean up the model where there was too much wash pooling. After that it was time to paint the tracks and wheels. I used a boltgun metal base with a 50/50 black/brown wash over the top.

The wheels are basic black.

Next up the camouflage and finishing touches.



  1. Looking good so far. I'm pleased to hear the stugs are easier to assemble as I have three of them to put together as well.

  2. There still are a few gaps, mostly noticeable where the additional armor meets the upper hull, but the parts fit just fine. Certainly not a nightmare like the shermans.

    Looking forward to seeing the final result, Vitor.