Sunday, 8 September 2013

Horus Rising - Black Library - My Thoughts

I tried once before, a long time ago, to get into the Black Library Books but failed while trying to read ' A Thousand Sons'. At the time I was trying to decide on an army to collect and paint and liked the colour scheme and background of the Thousand Sons. Reading the book to improve my knowledge of their background was a good idea but I couldn't get into it and put the book down after only a few chapters.

Now with the Horus Heresy really being fleshed out both in models and fluff through Forge World and the Black Library I wanted to give the books another go and got myself 'Horus Rising'.

I found the first few chapters difficult, much the same as 'A Thousand Sons' but I persevered this time hoping it would get better and it did! I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed it so much by the end.

The writing is not fantastic and some of the words used by the writer were quite ridiculous actually but I enjoyed learning more about the characters as they are perceived by GW through the Black Library. These characters came to life so to speak and that made the difference, Loken for example the choice he faced with joining the Warrior Lodge, how the Mournival works, how he interacts with the Remembrancers and many other parts which I wont spoil for you if you have not read the book yet. The entire Pre-Heresy Era and current Era for that matter starts making more sense.

Go out and get a copy and read it! I am now onto the second novel 'False Gods'.

In fact it inspired me so much that all I want to do is paint up a Luna Wolf.



  1. The series is full of hits and misses. It's the risk they took getting different authors for each book. I find it hard getting through Gav Thorpe's stuff but he has improved with each novel. I like the HH series because it is slowly giving me the answers to the 40K questions I've had since the RT era and first edition 25 years ago!!!

    1. Exactly, I always wondered how and why Horus turned and these books are making sense of it.