Sunday, 18 March 2012

Blood Angels - Tycho - Improved

When I finished my Tycho conversion and posted it up on my blog, Ron at From the Warp saw it and contacted me with two suggestions that would make him even better. See his post on painting faux details on models here

The first was a tip to improve the gemstones. Ron suggested that I paint a white dot at the top of a gemstone to represent the reflected light and a coloured dot, depending on what the gem colour is, in my case red so the dot is to be orange on the bottom of the gemstone to represent the light travelling through the gemstone and coming out the other side.

The second was to improve the mask on his face by accenting the contrast between the two pieces more with a shadow on the flesh and a black highlight on the metal mask side. I tried to increase the shading on the flesh side but could not really improve the black highlight on the mask side much. My painting skills not quite there yet, its a pretty thin line to paint!

I really am happy with the way this conversion came out in the end and it shows you that small things can make a big difference to the end result.


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